Solutions Showcase

ufc can find the solution to your fulfillment needs.

ufc is a solutions oriented company that strives to provide you with cost effective and time-saving options. We work with you in partnership to maintain the highest accuracy and timeliest turn-around while providing you with affordable costs for your projects. ufc provides secure, on-time, cost-effective services to our clients.

ufc will work with all levels of your organization to help you reduce costs, keep your project within budget, and get your projects done on time.

Company Solutions

The focus is on YOU our customer.

ufc is proud to share in our clients' success. The continued growth and increase in our customers' sales due to the success of their promotion marketing is how we measure our effectiveness. By combining long-term partnerships with the ultimate fulfillment experience, your success is our primary goal.

Our high-quality services are a reflection of the spirit of teamwork at ufc. ufc continues to expand as has our ability to provide quality jobs, employee training and true business stewardship - all of which not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the growth of our community.

ufc History

The United group of companies has been providing exceptional services for more than 25 years. Incorporated in 1986, United Warehousing Corporation began as a premier public warehousing provider, later branching out into logistics and fulfillment - shipping more than 60,000 packages per day.

ufc management averages more than 20 years of experience in the fulfillment services sector. Working with small companies and Fortune 500-sized international corporations, we can provide the service and expertise to get your promotions working correctly the first time. Our sweepstakes group has managed hundreds of online and offline sweepstakes for a large variety of clients.

Ideal Solutions

ufc provides the ideal solution.

Working with our network of business partners, we will integrate the business services that provide you with the optimum solution for your projects.

Customized mailing and shipping solutions to accommodate the requirements and time-sensitivity of your projects.

Using material and packaging provided by you or material and packaging provided by us, we can accomodate all your shipping requirements.

Automated and manual packaging solutions to meet your budgetary and product handling needs.

We will help you come up with the optimal shipping solution to get your material to your customers safely and efficiently.

Customers Solutions

Our customers' promotions integrate into our production processes.

ufc works with our clients to provide integrated solutions, allowing our clients' promotions to succeed. Providing customized solutions to fit your requirements allows ufc to provide the highest level of service and quick turn-around.

Enterprise Solution

We are your promotion partner.

Working directly with our team of experts, ufc will provide enterprise-level service with small company attention to customer service. We provide the ultimate fulfillment experience for any size company.