Company Clients

ufc has a variety of large and small corporate clients and we handle promotions of virtually any size. We take the confidentiality of our clients extremely seriously. You will never see your brand and logos posted on our site. We treat our clients and their proprietary information in the same confidential fashion that we would want our information handled.

Your client and customer data is handled in a highly secure and confidential manner. Physical building security, Data encrytion and secure data transfer methods ensure protection for your critical data and documents.

Association Advantages

ufc maintains memberships in our industries most effective associations, helping to ensure that we have the most up-to-date knowledge on the issues that may affect your promotions.

We are your business consultants for all your promotion requirements. You can remain secure in the knowledge that your promotions are handled in the most secure manner.

Client Services

We specialize in Sweepstakes, Record Storage and Archival Services, and other types of Fulfillment.

From designing your sweepstakes promotions to creating and setting up the website pages to capture submissions, ufc can assist you in creating a promotion that will give you the best return on your marketing investment.

ufc makes your sweepstakes experience effortless.

Contact one of our sweepstakes experts today!

Our Record Storage and Retention archival experts can create a solution for all your critical documents.

Contact us today to protect all your critical documents and backup media!

Customized Experience

Our customized portal gives you real-time access.

Information on your promotions, from inventory to invoices, is just a click away on our customized secure portal. Check your current inventory levels, check your promotion status, look up current and past promotion information - it's customizable to meet your needs.

Assign users and restrict access.

Your portal is a secure (SSL secured) conduit to all your information. Customized with your company logo, you'll be able to access (or restrict access) to all or portions of the invoices, Agreements, reports, and other information - so your employees have critcal data available to them using a web browser 24/7.